Neural Prolotherapy


As medical science advances by leaps and bounds, newer and more effective methods to diagnose and treat medical conditions emerge. One such exciting development is the Neural Prolotherapy (NPT).  

What is Neural Prolotherapy (NPT)?

Neural Prolotherapy (NPT) is a relatively new technique being used in Regenerative Medicine. Variety of muscular and skeletal injuries and the accompanying state of pain can be effectively treated by NPT. It is also known by other names like Neurofascial Prolotherapy, and Subcutaneous Prolotherapy. Clinical grade dextrose or mannitol is injected just below the skin to facilitate the healing of the injured nerves. 

The Origin of NPT

Neural Prolotherapy is also called the ‘Lyftogt technique’ in honour Dr. John Lyftogt, who hails from New Zealand. He first developed and used this method effectively. He worked on the theory proposed by British doctor Dr. John Hilton. He proposed that the nerves that are in contact with a joint are also in contact with the muscles as well as the skin that covers them. 

Dr. Lyftogt made use of the knowledge that dextrose in traditional prolotherapy promotes healing of connective tissues like ligaments and tendons. He suggested that the same substance could heal the injured nerves too. He went on to establish that it worked well. 

Once these nerves function normally, healing of deeper tissues would happen and thus relieve the pain. 

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